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Drive Thru Difference


This is a great way to make a difference in someone's day!

Download the Drive Thru Difference Note

The Drive Thru Difference is paying for the meal of the car behind you. This simple random act of kindness can make a real difference in the life of a complete stranger.

Feel free to print out this note to hand to the cashier - and they'll hand it to the car behind you.  This will let the person know why you are doing what you're doing.

If you have a story you'd like to share - we'd love to hear it!

Give us a call at 256.887.WAYH (9294)x



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Doing God's Business
Posted by Johnthan Pendergrass on

Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you all do and for spreading God's Love and Word over the world, the only thing I wish you all could do is have a longer playing list of music every day. It just seems like the same song is playing every hour or so, but no complaints just a serjestion.. thanks

Executive Administrator
Posted by Susan Crittenden on

Love doing this!! I did this the other day, without the form, and asked the drive-thru worker to please let the person behind me know that the person in the cae in front if them wanted to bless them. The look on the lady's face was priceless! The very next day, someone blessed me with a Drive Thru Difference...with no note. It made my day! What a cool way to do servant evangelism!THANKS!!

Posted by Mary on

I listen to WAY-FM every morning on my way to work and I've heard you talk about the Drive Thru Difference program. I've been wanting to do this for someone myself, but never expected someone to do it for me. A lady did it for me this morning at the Starbucks on University Drive. She didn't know this, but I had actually left my debit card in my coat pocket yesterday and didn't have it with me, nor did I have any cash. After I placed my order, she reached in front of me and swiped her credit card. I was shocked! She insisted that she pay for my order and I was overwhelmed with emotion. It's amazing how that one act of selflessness made my day. Whoever you are, I would like to thank you again for blessing me with your kindness. I hope to do the same for someone else. God Bless, Mary

"Drive Thru Difference" at Chick-fil-A in Athens
Posted by Krystal Lewis on

My mom, Barbara, is in the YouTube video where Lisa does "Drive Thru Difference" at Chick-fil-A in Athens, AL on January 6, 2010. :)

Drive Through Difference
Posted by Cindy on

This just happened to me at lunch time today. WOW! It was such a blessing. It really made my week as far as that is concerned. I listened to your radio on and off throughout my kids growing up and now out on their own. Thanks for the positive way you reach the kids and parents as far as that is concerned.

Drive Thru Difference Form
Posted by LeAnn Bush Covington on

Good afternoon, I can't open the form to print it out. Can someone possibly email it to me or fax it? or 256-532-6993 Fax. Blessings, LeAnn

Form - Drive Thru Difference
Posted by Patience on

I'm not able to print out the note. If you could send it to me by email, it'd be much appreciated. I would like to participate in this program and bless someone's day. Thanks!

Awesome idea, bad letter
Posted by Caleb on

What an awesome idea ! I'm doing it this Friday and telling all my friends! But I'll have to type out my own letter because yours is just and advertisement ; (

Posted by Tonya on

I have not had this happen to anyone close to me until I was talking to my best friend over the phone tonight. She mentioned something that happened at her job today that brought her to tears. She had an elderly couple in the office that could not pay their utilities. She was upset when a stranger walked up with a credit card and instructed my friend to pay for the elderly couples $275 bill with his card. The little lady began to cry and also my friend. How touching is that??! But, the glory of that is the same friend was in the drive thru at her local Dairy Queen....she ordered lunch that day and it came to $7.00. She got to the window to be told the person in front of her had paid for her lunch for her. No note or anything but it was such a blessing to her and she feels this His way of reaching out to her and is going to church this Sunday!! What a blessing....I'm so happy :) This is a wonderful idea.

Drive Thru Difference
Posted by K'Lani Pope on

I was blessed tonight. I really did not have the money to eat, yet I was so hungry I said I was going to get something anyway. I pulled into burger king and decided I would go to taco bell instead because it was cheaper. as I waiting for my food I was thinking how was i going to get gas and all the other things i needed to do, when all of a sudden I was handing the cashier my money and he said that the man in the truck behind you already paid for you meal and he said God bless. when the hummer truck behind me paid for my meal I was at a lost for words and excitement tears of joy ran down my face I listen to your radio station all the time and I never thought someone would do this for me. God is so awesome and that person just changed my life. I had been so depressed since last night and that little act of kindness showed me that God was still active and alive and he was in charge of everything. it felt like a little kiss from God saying I love you and even when you least expect it I am still here for you. Thank you to who ever that was and I am praying for you as well as the very next time I am in the drive thru I am going to make a difference. God Bless you WayFM!! Thank you for always keeping me uplifted and inspired..

Posted by crystal baker on

i think that God will someday let me have someone do something like that for me and my mom see we are basicly broke and we love mcdonalds.i love that idea.

Posted by Sandra Hightower on

Love 88.1 im new to the faith and listen keeps me in the faith and also yall takl about some funny thing sometimes....thank you and god bless

Drive-Thru Difference
Posted by Erica Jefferys on

This happened to me today. I went to Starbucks and when I went to hand my card to the girl at the window, she said that the lady in the car in front of me had paid for it. I was like....are you serious?! And she said yeah. Do you know her or something? And of course I said no. She said that she looked in her rearview mirror and said...I want to pay for the lady's order that is behind me. I was already having a pretty good day, but I pulled out of that drive-thru with a huge smile on my face and a warmth in my heart! I cannot wait to pay-it-forward to someone else!

I have listened to your show
Posted by Kristi Barber on

I have listended to your show for about a year now and have heard you all talk many times about the drive thru difference. Last week, my husband and I were out to eat and so a couple with a handicapped person, so I asked my husband if he wanted to pay for their ticket. He agreed and we did. I don't know about the people that we paid for, but I felt an overwhelming joy when we left the restauraunt. I hope that I blessed those people that day because I know it blessed me. My week seemed to be not going my way, but everything seemed to look up after this.

Posted by CHRIS POTTS on


drive thru
Posted by heather may on

my husband and i have done this a few times. we just love being able to pay for someones dinner. it really gives u a great feeling

Drive thru difference
Posted by Johnny Thompson on

My first experience with the drive thru difference was just over a year ago. My youngest daughter and I were running errands when we stopped for breakfast. While at the drive thru, I decided to try and make a difference in someone's day. I didn't have a copy of the note, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I ask the cashier to let me pay for the car behind me, and from her reaction, you would have thought I was attempting to rob the place. She called the manager to the window and I had to explain to him as well what I was attempting to do and he finally told that it was my money so it was up to me. After all of that was settled, I was asked to pull forward to wait on my order, which is not unusual. While I was waiting, the car behind me received their order. As she was pulling away, she stopped beside my car to tell me that the order was not for her, but for a woman at the local battered women's shelter that had come in the night before. That made the whole situation worth while. I had no way of knowing that I was going to be able to reach into someone's life like that.

drive through difference
Posted by kristen daniels on

well started off not so good tis morning, then i thought i would run through the drive through at mcdonalds and grab me a sausage mcmuffin, i was waiting in line and thinking, well actually kind of stressing about some things, then it was my turn to pay at the window, and the guy taking money said that today was my lucky day, and i was like what? and he said that the lady in front of me had already paid for mine, and told me to have a blessed day!!! I was like really, that is awesome! then i was pulling out of mcdonalds with a smile from ear to ear, and then i said, I know, thats your way of telling me not to stress!!!! God is good, and whoever the lady was infront of me, that was probably the nicest thing that has ever happened to me, and it just made my day!!!

"Drive thru Difference"
Posted by Janet Lee on

this form does not print correctly. can you please email it to me. THANKS!

Drive thru difference
Posted by Debra on

I'm not able to print out the note. If you could send it to me by email, I would really appreciate it.

What a nice person
Posted by jeon on

I just went to McDonald's and the lady at the window said a car infront of me paid for my soda but I did not know why she did that so I was going to pull over my car next to her and get my soda from her but other lady at the window said "what the F*** she is doing?" she thought I didnt hear it. well. anyways. I told her someone paid my order and I don't get it. The lady who cursed, she said "they do that sometimes" and I was still confused so I forgot to thank her and left. I looked up online as soon as I got home and I found out "Drive Thru Difference". I feel really bad that I did not say thanks to the lady who paid for my drink. I will def pay back by making someone's day shine oneday like this.

Posted by Karen on

The SUV in front of me today paid for my lunch at Shaggys today! What a nice spot in my day. I'm going to pass it on next time I can!

Drive Thru Difference
Posted by Kristy on

I had heard of this, and honestly, I have done it a few times. (I just love loving on people) Well, the other day, I was having an extremely rotten morning, was really battling for the "Joy of the Lord" type day. I pulled up in drive thru at Hardee's in Lawrenceburg, TN in just enough time to see the truck in front of me pull off. When I got the window, the cashier was smiling really big and told me that that guy had just paid for my breakfast. I cried all the way to work and told everyone I had the chance what a difference it made in my day! I felt like God has sent me a love letter that completely broke that dark cloud that was around me. So! Thank you, Lord, and WayFm for making a difference. Kristy

Posted by Lori on

I was having a pretty rough day, after working 9 hours I spent three hours at Colorado Childrens Hospital with my son. Went to wal-mart on Grant st to get his medication only to find out the pharmacy closed at 9.I then headed to McDonalds to get my kids a happy meal. When I pulled up to the window to pay I was told the lady in front of me had paid for my order. It is amazing how this gesture turned my day around. To the lady that did this for me, thank you! Although it made me cry it was a good cry.

A Good Gesture
Posted by Erica on

I had never heard of this until I was at the drive-thru and the cashier handed my father and I the note. We were speechless yet surely did put a smile on both of our faces and encourage us to do the same to someone else so thank you. ^__^

drive thru difference
Posted by Rachel on

Today, going through the drive thru line at McDonald's before heading to work, I got the opportunity to surprise 2 cars at the same time with the drive thru difference. I loved getting to see their expressions as I drove off. :)

I found this very encouraging & a great way to do
Posted by Donna on

I had heard of the Drive Thru Difference on 88.1 WayFM which means paying for the car behind you in line, no strings attached just as a way to encourage others. Today at 12:08 as I pulled into the Chick-Fil-A beside the mall in Decatur, when I saw the line of vehicles wrapped around the building, I almost drove away BUT I am so glad that I didn't. When I got to the window, the girl told me that the lady in front of me had paid for my lunch and said to tell me to have a nice day! I can't wait to pay it forward soon. I just wanted to say thanks to the nice lady for totally making my day better!

Posted by Donna M on

I had heard of the Drive Thru Difference on 88.1 WayFM which means paying for the car behind you in line, no strings attached just as a way to encourage others. Today at 12:08 as I pulled into the Chick-Fil-A beside the mall in Decatur, when I saw the line of vehicles wrapped around the building, I almost drove away BUT I am so glad that I didn't. When I got to the window, the girl told me that the lady in front of me had paid for my lunch and said to tell me to have a nice day! I can't wait to pay it forward soon. I just wanted to say thanks to the nice lady for totally making my day better!

Posted by Karan on

I was on my way to visit my mother in the nursing home tonight. She is very sick and eats so little that I decided to stop at Burger King and see if she might eat a burger. When I got to the window to pay, I was told that someone paid for my order and asked her to tell me "God bless." It was so sweet, I couldn't stop crying!

Posted by Tabitha on

I was just reading this while working my job at a hotel thinking next time I go to a drive-thru that I was going to bless the person behind me by paying for them, when a guest comes up offering to buy me a pizza and go pick it up for me since he was ordering himself one. It just reminded me of what this was about and I felt like I was already being blessed back for me blessing some one in the future at my next drive-thru run. :) anything you give out that's pure with out any intentions, it never fails for God to bless you back double the amount. God truly is amazing. :)

Drive thru difference
Posted by Susan on

My husband and I had a terrible morning with our 10 yr old son who has Asperger's Syndrome and I was upset and crying. We left the house to pick up a Chick-fil-a sandwich. I could not believe it when the cashier told us our meal had been paid for by the person ahead of us in the drive-thru. Whoever the person was I consider them an angel from God. It really uplifted and encouraged me. What a way to bless someone's day. My child was still a difficult problem when we returned home but I was in a much better frame of mind to deal with him.

Chic-Fil-A South Parkway Drive Thru Difference
Posted by Laurie on

This morning I stopped at Chic-Fil-A to surprise my bosses with breakfast. Little did I know I was going to get the surprise! When I got to the window, the fellow told me that the person in the car in front of me had paid for my order. WOW! I have actually done this before but it was the first time I have ever experienced this random act of kindness. It absolutely made my day! I was so shocked I wasn't smart enough to pay for the car behind me with the money in my hand. Duh! I will go back tomorrow and pay for the person behind me. It was such a great feeling and I want to give it to someone else!

Drive Through Letter
Posted by Victoria on

I am not able to download this letter. Please email so I can print for tomorrow. Thank you!

Drive-thru Difference
Posted by Victoria Lemieux on

I had the letter ready for the right time in my car. I rarely eat fast food but was waiting for the right moment to do this. I was excited with anticipation of just how this was going to unfold. I drove around to three different drive thru's and no one was in line or driving in behind me. I kept driving to the next and for me, last drive-thru through saying Lord, if it's meant to be, there will be cars in the drive-thru! Finally, I just heard God say turn here and drive in, I will bring someone. So I did. No one was behind me or in front of me so I ordered and proceeded to the next window to pay. Then, I heard the cashier acknowledge the next person who drove up to the speaker. I could hear the person order a kids' meal as I paid for mine at the window. I did not see the car nor who was in the car. Just heard a kid's meal ordered. When I paid and asked to pay for the car behind me, the cashier asked if she should say anything to that person, I just asked her to give the envelope I had prepared with the letter in it. I also included a little extra in the envelope. Sometimes we just never know who might need a little something extra. I put the receipt in my purse, grabbed my meal and drove off never to see who was in the car behind me. A big smile grew across my face. God is good. It's better to give than receive. As I looked at the receipt when I got home not even knowing how much I paid and found the person behind me ordered a kid's meal for one child, I'm assuming, and just a hamburger for the driver. No drink, no fries, just the hamburger. Which makes me think, maybe, just maybe, I made it a little easier, with the nudge from God, for one moment in that family's life. When I decided to act upon this idea, I initially thought it was just a kind gesture and doing something so nice. I never imagined that by this little act of kindness, I would receive more than I gave...complete joy and peace! Thank you for promoting the Drive-thru Difference!

Warrior Alabama
Posted by Lori Abercrombie on

I was having a bad day and decided to get out of the house. Driving down the road I listened to upcoming VBS music and choir songs we are working on at church. I was fighting the devil with all I had. I decided to stop for a bite to eat. God showed up in the drive thru. God sent an Angel to pay for my lunch and leave a note that Jesus Loves Me. What a blessing. It was right on time. Thank you for encouraging people to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

drive thru difference
Posted by christina on

i really hope whoever did this, listens to this station and reads this. i was at the drive-thru on thursday (7/25/13) at chick-fil-a on the corner of whitesburg and airport around noon. Some-one there had paid for my lunch. i had 6 chicken sandwhiches (alot of hungry mouths in my family) and a large fry. i think the total was like $24-25. i would like to thank who-ever paid for my families lunch and wanted them to know that their deed did not go un-noticed; so i paid for the ladies lunch who was behind me. i cant remember what she had, the total was $19-20. i hope i made her day. i appreciate it to who-ever did that

Thank You
Posted by Michelle on

I was having a panic attack in my car and wasn't feeling well. It was getting worse when I decided maybe it was because I was hungry. When I got to the window I prayed that I'd be ok to keep it together. Then the guy wouldn't take my card he said the car in front of you paid. I said why? He said it happens. Tears came to my eyes because they did it without knowing how much I was hurting. I am feeling better now and will always remember and send good wishes to the folks I never met.

First timer
Posted by Bailee on

Tomorrow will be the first time that I've participated in the drive thru difference. God placed this in my heart and I truly hope I make an impact on someone's day especially considering its the Holidays. I also saw a shooting star tonight after hearing the commercial for this on the radio. We serve a mighty God !

drive thru difference
Posted by Pam Ward on

I was at Taco Bell on 72 East. I had just left from paying to have my college kids car fixed for the second time.I pulled to the window and the Lady had told me the car in front of me had paid for my meal. I was so humbled and on the radio came the song , I need you. I began to cry because has much as I love and rely on the Lord, in that moment his Love was poured out on me through a faithful servant.And I realized I had not taken this frustration to the Lord over the car issue but God wanted to remind me he works all things together for my good.

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