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Crystal Apple Award


Nominate your outstanding teacher!

Sponsored by:
Family Security Credit Union


Your teacher could win the Family Security Credit Union Crystal Apple Award!  Share how your teacher has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  This is a great way to honor your teacher for all their hard work.  Once a month we select a winning teacher and present them with the Crystal Apple!

Winning Teachers for 2010-2011

Winning Teachers for 2009-2010

Nominate your teacher using the form below...

Thanks to Family Security Credit Union
for sponsoring this award!!

Family Security Credit Union



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morning dance club
Posted by Pam Comeens on

Hi, could you throw in a couple of slower dance songs with all the upbeat ones. I think it's a great idea, just a little too upbeat for 7:45 in the morning.

Posted by JRikk on

I LOVE is the only station I listen to! but could yall PLEASE play more variety? there are so many good older songs that we never hear anymore...we only hear the new songs that get overplayed too much. Thank you!

Posted by Erin Lombardo also known as Cl on

Can you please play the following songs in a row? Movin' by Group1Crew Hero by Skillet Keys to the Kingdom by Group1Crew Here's a new smile:B Buck teeth. Best wishes, Cleo, friend of Manchester and Rex

play these song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by keelie lawson on

hey yall do play great songs but i just want more variety as well as anyone else please play these songs i can only imagine, stand in the rain!!!!!!

Posted by Abby Jenkins on

I just want to say what yall do at the station is life changing and that the station is so meaningful!

play this song
Posted by Jenna on

Could you please play a "baby changes everything" by Faith Hill...a women at church sung this song and I really liked it and I am listening to your station now and I just wanted to hear that song.

Posted by Kate on

pleaseeeee play i cant do this by plumb and this is the stuff by francesca battistelli and hold me which is my FAVORITE!!! by Jamie Grace

Play this song, please!
Posted by Dillon Lowery on

I was wondering if you'd play "We Can't Shut Up" by Athem Lights. Thank you much!

Posted by Emily on

I LOVE your station .I have listened to it for 5 years now. I was wondering if you could play Stronger by Mandisa at 6:00am.Iam only 11 and the station really helps me sometimes. Thanks.

Posted by Lesley on

I think variety is an excellent idea. and yes with some of the older songs. ie Hillsong, Brandon Heath, Aaron Shust, Kutless, DC Talk. Maybe some more worship. Overall EXCELLENT!

Pledge drives
Posted by Isabella on

I really love all of the shows from Walle to Steu Gray. I would like it if you wouldnt just focus on pledge drive but do regular process like mentioning it and the talking then you could mention it again and go to a song! I don't want to say this but I will turn to a nother radio station so I can listen to music and conversation. And please let anyone donate! I'm 11 and I wanted to donate online but could not because of the credit card process. I love you WALLE! But try not to pick on Betty Rock so much. What am I saying? Go right ahead!

Could you please play a few songs for me?
Posted by Hampton on

I recently found two songs I've never heard on this station, one of them by TobyMac, Another by NewWorldSon. For TobyMac, I really love the song "Forgiveness" from his new album "Eye on it." And from NewWorldSon, their song, "Learning to be the light" is one of my favorites! Please play these songs more often please, and thank you for making an impact on so many people's lives.

Crystal Apple award
Posted by Tracey Wittig on

Do you still give out the Crystal Apple award? The website show any recipients since 2011? Are we supposed to submit a nomination every month? Or just once and it stays in the file for the next month?

crystal apple award
Posted by Carol G on

Is there a link that shows winners more current than 2011? My son nominated his teacher and was looking for recent winners.

Crystal Apple award
Posted by Hannah Murphree on

Do you still give out the award? I really want to nominate my teacher.

Posted by James Moore on

Mrs. Washington is the best English teacher ever!

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