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Anniversary Contest


It's Anniversaries with WAYFM

Get a date night for your anniversary with the VIP package from Monaco Picture at Bridge Street,with dinner and a movie.


Dinner and a Movie is great way to celebrate your anniversary with your spouse. An even better way to celebrate is to enjoy your dinner in the Prive along with the movie of your choice.  If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, fill out the form below. Every Friday morning we'll pick a winner!

Fill out my online form.

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Posted by Kim Lankford on

I love this radio station!!!!!! It is the only one that I listen to!

Posted by steve harton on

Thank you so much for the anniversary tickets. I deliver chicken to KFC and I listen to you guys all the time while I'm in the area.Again me and my wife appreciate it!!!

Posted by Crystal Helpling on

I love listening to this station, couse when im just haveing one of those days it lifts me up. thank you so much

Thank you
Posted by Brandi Chapman on

Thank you so much for the anniversary tickets. We had a very romantic evening together that we wouldn't have been able to afford without them.

Posted by Anonymous on

I Know our anniversary is not soon but we have not celebrated it for a few years. We are trying to find a way to go for Christmas since we are not able to celebrate that either. It would be great way to think of the movie as an early Valentines Day/Birthday (both of our B'day's are in Feb). Merry Christmas

Posted by Robert on

We haven't been able to celebrate our anniversary in a few years. Christmas isn't going to be celebrated either. We are trying to go to the movies on Christmas to celebrate the past and new year to come. Our anniversary isn't soon but both of our birthday's are near Valentines Day. It would be a wonderful gift to celebrate at the movies

Posted by Robert on

We haven't been able to celebrate our anniversary in a few years. Christmas isn't going to be celebrated either. We are trying Christmas to celebrate the past and new year to come. Our anniversary isn't soon but both of our birthday's are near Valentines Day. It would be a wonderful gift to celebrate at the go to the movies on

Posted by L Simmons on

We haven't been able to celebrate our anniversary in a few years. Christmas isn't going to be celebrated either. Our anniversary isn't soon but both of our birthday's are near Valentines Day. It would be a wonderful gift to celebrate the past year and the year to come by going to a movie for Christmas. It has been years since we have had a date.

Posted by DBavis on

Our family loves your station. Thanks for being on the air!

Posted by cindi on

Thank you so much for all you do...there are days I'm not sure I could get thru without the message your station always seem to play the right song at just the right moment.. My husband just lost his job of 22 years and we are supporting 3 teenagers on my small salary alone (2 in high school). We will be married 18 years on May 2nd and we are both thankful that God gave us each other and our family..please pray for our family. I know God has a greater plan but I pray for the strength to trust in Him to see it thru.

anniversary contest
Posted by Anonymous on

Thank you so much for offering this contest. Although our wedding anniversary came and went without a date, I thought that I would enter anyway. We are so blessed to have been married for 21 yrs. God has blessed our union with many children and thus we were unable to get away for a date on our actual anniversary. An anniversary of different sorts is coming up~ the anniversary of "devine appointment". In August it will be 22 yrs. since God brought us together~ that meeting occured at a wedding ;)

Posted by Kelly Myers on

My wife and I listing to Wayfm and have been blessed to be able to support the station for several years. We will celebrate 30 years of marriage on June 14th and were blessed this year with the birth of our first grandchild last month. My wife is a wonderful help-mate and blessing to me and all she comes in contact. She deserves to be praised from the mountaintops but always puts other first. God has blessed me beyond words. May HE continue to bless Wayfm.

Your station and the musci
Posted by Renee Taylor on

Way Fm: I love your station, the music is a blessing in my life, I listen to only your station!!! I thank God for the special people who work for your station!!! Thanks for impacting lives with your ministry for God!!! You all bring Him such Honor and Glory!!! I listen to you at home, in the car, and on the web, when I am online, otherwise you are filling my home or car with the encouragement and blessings that I so need and the music moves me!!! I Love WAY-FM!!! God Bless Each of You and the Artists!!! In Christ's Perfect Love, Renee Taylor

Posted by Alesia "Alli" Boston on

My husband and I listen to your channel whenever we are in the car and choose the live stream on the computer when possible. I especially love today's Word on the Wayh. We will be married 30 years this Sunday, and have raised 3 wonderful children (young adults). Our daughter, Brittany, and her husband are members of a mission group called Wings Global Outreach. If you have access, (Wings of Morning @ would it be possible to play any of their music on radio, or is this a legal thing?

Thank goodness
Posted by emily perry on

I always had this preconcieved notion that christian music had no beat...boy was I wrong. I recently started listening to your station and I really enjoy it! I have started attending church again and the music really speaks to me. You play such a vast assortment of music ,I really love listening to the music. Thank for showing me a positive way to enjoy music now!!!

Date Night
Posted by Krista Lawless on

Let me start by saying I love your station and since I found it I listen to no other stations. My husband and I will be celebrating our 21yr anniversary 2/25/11. We were married right out of high school and have 2 beautiful sons. I have to say it has been rocky but in December 2009 we both rededicated our lives and were baptized January 24th 2010. Since then we have been borderline obsessive about reading our bibles, going to church and events, listening to music, trying to learn as much as we can. We just can't get enough. It is just amazing. I'm not saying this last year has been perfect but it is the way we see things and handle things that are different. We don't worry so much about things because we know it is in God's hands. Like everyone with this economy we have drained most of our savings and are struggling to get by but I know that we are being prepared for something great. But it would be an answer to a prayer for us to have a date night. We can't afford it at this time but need it desperately. I would love to have him to myself just for an evening focused on just us. Thank you for the opportunity to hopefully win this but if not I'm sure whomever does win needed it more than us. Your station has been a blessing to me...the stories, the music, everything..thanks again.

29th Wedding Anniversary
Posted by Sandra Lemley on

My husband and I love your station! WAY-FM is a real blessing to us. We would love to win the Date Night. We were married 29 years ago on Valentines Day. This would be a great way to celebrate! We praise GOD for saving us 7 years into our marriage. Since then we have built our lives and marriage on HIM our love grows more each day. All the glory goes to HIM who loved us first! :))

12th on the 12th of February
Posted by Debbie Hagood on

My husband and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary this Saturday, February 12th. Pretty awesome! And our life is taking a new direction as we speak. My husband is 52 years old and is attending seminary to become a pastor. He'll be leaving the corporate world after he graduates in Dec 2012. We're excited about where God is taking us and what he's going to do through us. Your station helps us in our daily walk as Christians by letting us find encouragement, hope, and love in the music you play on WAY-FM. Thank you for all you do.

Thank You
Posted by Samantha Gaines on

My husband is in the Air Force and deploys often, he's missed every holiday since we've been married so times get really rough, however, any time I listen to your station I can't help but smile and feel overly blessed. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Anniversary Drawing
Posted by Paul & Jennifer LaSarge on

Please enter us in the anniversary drawing. We will be celebrating 22 years of marriage this Thursday, April 7. My husband works very hard to provide for me and our boys. He is so deserving of a night out and I would love to be able to give that to him! And if I win, I get to pick the movie!!

Posted by Name on

My husband and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary tomorrow. Which is pretty good considering how young we are. (27 & 30) We are so thankful for the station and for God's love and grace. Our 2 young girls know every song and love the station as well. It makes us smile to know that we can raise Godly children in this day and time, and your music just makes that job easier. Thank you for all that you do. Noah and Holly Smith

your station

We just want to say we are thankful to have you around. We and our children all listen and enjoy the music and ministry you have.We ask the GOD to continue to bless each and every one of you.

Please chose my parents!!
Posted by Samantha Tcherneshoff on

Hi, My name is Samantha Tcherneshoff. My parents deserve a night out. My grandfather had a stroke this past Christmas Day, and my parents had to sell their house and move in with my grandfather to take care of him because we could not afford the 24/7 care-giver. My dad goes to work during the day, while my mom sits at the house all day long watching my grandfather. They never get to go out and have a good time like they used to almost every weekend. Please give them the opportunity to have a nice date night out. Thanks. Samantha

Posted by Name on


Posted by Kellie and Russ Donaldson on

My husband is active duty Air Force and we are currently stationed in Huntsville, AL and will be celebrating our 14 th wedding anniversary together on July 19th!!!! ... I am so proud of my husband and I thank God everyday for his love for me.

we would love a date night!
Posted by Dana on

Hi me and my husband love your station! and we would love a date night, this is our 2 year anniversary this year! it has been wonderful i married the love of my life! and we have a beautiful 18 month son who is our world, but a night out would really be wonderful! thanks so much Dana Stoner

Posted by Vanessa Stacks on

I absolutely LOVE you guys! I drive 25 miles 2 & from work each day & love listening to you to start my morning off & to on the WAY home.....Wally is a hoot to listen to after a loooong days work!

Posted by Mark on

I haven't heard of this station until like 2 days ago and I love this station!

Thanks for the great 'contest'
Posted by Sharon on

I hope you take our names into careful consideration - This has been a CRAZY year for us, we started by my husband losing his job, last August. We are a single income family, so you know that hit hard! He found another two months later (Praise GOD!) but it paid literally HALF of what the last one had paid. He kept looking, and on April 18 he interviewed for a position up in Nashville. He received word early the next week that they wished to hire him. On Wednesday of that week, we were hit by the Hackleburg tornado, and lost our home. We have made a pretty quick recovery, thanks to help from many of God's wonderful agents here on earth. But it has, needless to say, been a tiring year. With my husband gone all week each week, and me homeschooling five of our six kids, we are in need of a bit of a break. Our 25th anniversary is coming up. While someone at our church has financed a nice trip for us, as part of her gifts to us, after the storm, we are not able to take it 'till December. We would still like to do SOMEthing nice on the actual day of our anniversary, since it IS a special year after all. Our budget is pretty tight, trying to recover from the unemployment and the storm, so it's gonna have to be something free, or almost free. I hope we win!!!! Bless you for all you do in this community for the Lord!!!!

Posted by Karen on

I'm so excited that I am able to pick up Way-FM on my computer now at work. Now I have a varity of music instead of my downloads. Thank You!!!

Our anniversary is today!
Posted by Whittney Russell on

We have been married 4 years today. I listen to your station every day, every time im in my car lol and I have got my husband to start listing too in his truck.. My kids love your station they sing to every song and its so cute because they are two year old twins Max love to sing to all of them and Marissa Loves to sing with all the girl songs. we get tickeled when we herar them singing and blessed that this is a station that we can listen to with our kids in the car.. We would love the dinner and a movie bc as I just wrote we have 2 two year olds and we both work and we just baught our first hous a mont ago and we have no time together and funds are tight for us and it would just be so nice to win that . Thanks for all you do we love the station.

Posted by RENAE HARPER on


Love you guys. Keeping me focused on God!!!
Posted by Cindy Failing on

Thank you for helping me be the best I can be! i.e., remembering to first praise my kids first before giving them constructive criticism. (Paul)

Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Posted by Shannon Smith on

Hello, I just Submitted my Parents (Bob and Ann Smith) to your anniversary contest. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this month!! They met by chance on a blind double date back in 1960.. 3 days before my dad graduated college and moved away. The couple they went with eventually broke up. My folks?... they stayed in touch, continued dating, married, and had four kids! HAPPY 50 YEARS TOGETHER MOM AND DAD!!!

26th aniverssary
Posted by Rick Renshaw on

My wife Dawn is everything to me and has kept my family and myself together over these past 26 years. I would like to suprise her with something special since we can not afford to do anything this year. We left our home in Michigan 2 years ago from God leading us here and it has been a whirlwind of ups and down job loss and gains, reunion and moves. Through it all my wife and I our moving to Huntsville from Decatur to take care of her dad and well this would mean the world to both of us. Thank you for all you do in this community and I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, Richard Renshaw

Our 33rd Anniversary
Posted by Christine McClure on

For the passed two years I have been very sick and the Man I call My husband ..My Knight in Shinning Armor, has stood beside me all the way. Consantly praying to the Lord to help me through each and every passing day. Even when my faith was faultering he was there to help bring me back up. 33 years ago the Good Lord brought Ken and I together and each and every day is an Anniversary. It seems like just yesterday he asked me to be his Bride and said yes. Each day I wake up I smile and as I watch him sleeping next to I say "Thank You Lord! for the most wonderful man in the world I call my husband".

Posted by RHONDA COLE on

We will be celebrating our 29th anniversay on Oct 14th It would be nice to have a night our to ourselves,usually our wonderful granddaughter is with us. Your music has helped me alot and my husband is beginning to listen alot more since he has been attending church with me the last couple of months. GOD is good ! keep up the great work !

Posted by Fred on

We met in 1959, when we both came from other cities to attend Oakwood College(University) here in Huintsville , AL. Following our graduation we married in Chicago, Ill. December 22, 1963. Following my seminary years, and with our first child born in May of 1965, we took up pastoral duites in Michigan. The years saw two more children born and many other pastoral assignments. We retired in 2008 after serving our denomination for six years as missionaries to China. The pathway brought us full cirlce and here we are living back in the Hutsville area. We praise God for 49 years of togetherness in service to Him plus being blessed with eight grandchildren.

Jesus Loves ME!!!!
Posted by Luellen Short on

I am very blessed to have the Lord in my life, from an early age. I was sexually abused from age 3 to 17, I prayed for God to send me someone, to love me, just as I was...broken, scared of everything and everyone...but I knew I had the most important One in my life already and He would NEVER hurt or leave me. Then He sent Rob into my life, he had a 1 year old son and they had lost Wife and Mom. Rob and Jay both have taught me HOW to love and HOW to except love with no conditions, then 2 years later, we were married. I thank God daily for sending me such a loving family. We spend every Christmas Eve with Rob's former wife's family and they treat me like I am one of their own. We added another son to our family in 1/1/84, and made our family complete. I listen to WAY-FM in the truck, at home and at work. When I went on a trip to my Mom's in FL, I was so upset because I could find a station anything like ya'lls. When I told my Mom about WAY-FM, she said 'Well, I can let you listen to the station I listen to all the time." When I heard Wally, it made my trip!! Thanks for having this radio station!!!

Posted by Joyce on

We ar newly wed seniors, going on 3 years, and hope that we qualify for the anniversary contest.

Anniversary Contest
Posted by Joyce on

We are newly wed seniors, going on 3 years, and hope that we qualify for the contest.

How Your Station Has Helped Me.
Posted by Joyce on

This station keeps me strong and positive. I moved from Waldorf, Md. to Cullman, Alabama due to the cost of living in 2007. It was difficult to find a Christian station, but finally God lead me to your station. It helps to keep a Mental Mind in shape. Depression and Anxiety are kept at bay, and then, of course there is medication, which I did not find the right one until I was 59. 40 years of illness, and Praise God, I have been delivered. I am hoping that I will be able to help others. IT IS MY MISSION, AND MY PURPOSE. Thank You and God Bless (:

Your Station Has Helped Me so Much
Posted by Joyce on

I moved to Cullman, Alabama in 2007 due to the cost of living in Waldorf, Md. Little did I know there are tornadoes here, but we survived. My house in Cullman burned down, and I stayed with a friend, and now I live in Simcoe in a Partially Underground house. I have survived 40 years of mental illness, and finally at age 59, I got the right medication. Anxiety and Depression is no joke, and I am here to tell you it is more than quite a feat to get well, especially if you are not born with it but struck at a very young age. I prayed, and prayed that it would go away as fast as it hit me. Well, after 2 shock treatments, and another hospitalization, of many, I met a great man, got the right medication, and now I am ready to serve those who are not well yet. IT IS MY MISSION, AND PURPOSE TO HELP IN WHATEVER WAY I CAN FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL ILL. It has such a stigma, but you would be surprised at what a mentally ill person can do, when we can Rise to the Occasion, and then flop down into missery, but still accomplishing things. Best accomplishment is getting well as I am. Thank You and God Bless E-V-E-R-Y O-N-E! (:

Thank you
Posted by Brooke on

My husband & I love this station! Its all we listen! Thank you for the uplifting music & the grest conversations! We have a 4yr old boy who is a special needs child & havent been able to afford to go out for our anniversary in a few years. Dinner & a movie would be awsome!! Thank you!

I love WayFM
Posted by Tina on

WayFM has always been a blessing in my life!! I have drawn strength so many times from just hearing a song or something said on the air! I have been blessed to get to donate money over the years and know it's going for a very worthy cause! Keep up the good work!

Your radio station
Posted by Sylvia Allen on

I love your radio station and the way that you celebrate marriage and family!!!

Anniversary Contest
Posted by Heather on

My husband and I would love a "date night!" With 3 small children, getting out of the house alone is very RARE! It sure would be nice to enjoy our 13 years together with this package. :)

Anniversary contest
Posted by Kelly Myers on

After 33 years of wedding bliss and learning to become "one" HE continues to mold us into HIS image. My wife has many identities - wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver (her mother lives with us), and teacher of 4 year old children at church. I would love to have a few hours of "no worries" alone with her. Wishing all those celebrating anniversaries this week to be as blessed as we have been. Not because of us, but because of HIM.

Thank you
Posted by Terri on

Listening to this station has made dark times bearable. My husband and I were separated for 5 months. Listening to the music and stories reminded me that God is always in control. I gave my marriage to Him. My husband and I are now reconciled and working on our marriage. I know that the marriage is God's and I pray that he will be glorified in it!

Anniversary contest
Posted by Terri Morris on

Tim and I will be celebrating our 11th anniversary. What makes this one so different is we have been separated since January and Tim just moved back home! Listening to WayFm during our separation really encouraged me. Thank you for what y'all do.

Posted by Nancy Arzonico on

I would love a night out for our 21 anniversary. Last year for our 20th, my husband was in Afghanistan. This year, he is looking for a job. At least we are together!

Posted by Nicole Puckett on

My husband, Nick, and I have been married for 22 years next month. It has been the most amazing experience I could ever imagine. In that time we have: -spent 18 years as a military family, with Nick doing two long tours overseas, and several shorts. -had two beautiful children. -walked through an open heart surgery with our daughter. -adopted 9 more older children through the state. -worked with parents who have children with attachment issues, and counseled others on adoption. -helped our son, now 21, overcome the fears associated with teen onset epilepsy. -moved across the country from my family, closer to Nick's, for a job opportunity with the hope of financial freedom. -watched our second oldest child start a ministry in Uganda, for a tiny village of 400 orphans. -became directors of Yesu Asobola Ministries, We are still in love. We are so tired. Between our own children, and our work trying to bring water to the Yesu Asobola orphans, we are so broke we cannot afford a date on our anniversary next month. God is good, He is faithful and we listen to your radio station every day as a reminder that He is who He says He is, and that we are loved. Thank you, Nicole Puckett

Posted by Melanie on

My husband and I expect the arrival of baby #7 some time in the next 4 weeks. Our anniversary is in a week. I hope we get some couple time before baby gets here. We love the kids and focus on them so much. They keep us smiling and we are so blessed. This station helps keep us grounded and focused on what's truly important. Thank you.

Love this radio station!!!
Posted by Amy Cornelius on


Posted by Name on

46 years of marriage to a retired Army man (22 + years in the military) and two (2) sets of twins who all have served or are now serving in the Military..

Posted by Peggy Smith on

We'd love to win the anniversary tickets!! WAAYFM is the number 1 button on my radio. Love your station!

Anniversary contest
Posted by Stacy Holt on

Would really love to win the tix to movie & dinner. I will be married to my husband for 9 yrs in a few weeks..we really have had a ruff year. Things had gotten so bad this yr that we talked about divorcing. We are better now, by the Grace of God we are working it out. These tix would mean the world to us. We never really do much for our anniversary but go eat so this may just help us WayFm

Posted by Domonique McNish on

I love this station! It has been such a blessing to my family. I love my husband! And I would love to surprise him by him listening to the station and hearing that we won the contest!

Anniversary Contest
Posted by Dakota Wilson on

I love the radio station and everything y'all do to help spread the word of God! I listen to y'all every time I get in the car. Not to mention my one year old dances to every song!

Posted by Carrie Iwamoto on

I just wanted ya'll to know what an awesome job your doing. I have all my radio stations tuned to WAYFM, I listen to THE WALLY SHOW every morning, that man and his wonderful team are a BLESSING My kids sing along with all the songs.I recently rededicated my life to God. I let so many things get in the way of going to church. I got a strong wake up call from God one day. It was then that I realized, Wow! What an example Im setting for my 3 boys. They loved going to church when they were younger,Now I'd taking that joy from them. They were not wanting to go anymore, and would get excited when I decided to stay home from church. I got up one Sunday morning and had to drag them there, But im glad I did. My 15year old rededicated his life since he got saved/baptisted at a young age, he knew he wasn't living his life for God. And my 2 younger boys couldnt wait to go back. The songs you play are so uplifting and moving i can feel the spirit of God fill the room. God Bless each and everyone of you.

Anniversary Contest
Posted by Myra Riley on

Thank you for the opportunity to eter this contest. My husband is a local Worship Pastor @ a small church and we have 2 teenage boys, so we don't get to go out on dates. Also, I have a chronic pain disorder and suffer daily with pain and swelling and my husband has recently begun to have sleep apnea extremely bad. We have a beautiful marriage and a wonderful story of God's grace, redemption and the power of love. I would appreciate your prayers for our health, finances and God's will in our lives. Thank you so much!

Anniversary date night
Posted by Brooke Ray on

My husband and I love your station!!! We have been blessed with a special needs child and don't have the extra money to have a "date night". It would be awesome you have a night out!! Thank you for all you do & God bless you!

Posted by Eric & Kim Gaines on

Thank you so much for the anniversary tickets! We can't wait to use them!

Anniversary Date
Posted by Sarah Barbre on

Me and my husband are coming up on 7 years in November and I think this would be a great way to reconnect and do what we love which is going to the movies. We have had our struggles like any married couple but we put a lot of stock in our faith and the longevity of our marriage. If it weren't for God and his favor I don't know where we would be, but I love this man more than anything and the last 7 years have been the best although hard at times. He works hard for our family of 3(we have a dog named Kong) and I would love to surprise him with this gift. Thank you for all y'all do!

Thank you!
Posted by Susi Bowermaster on

Not only my husband and I but my entire extended family listen to your radio station on a daily basis! Thank you so much for all you do! I love driving to work and preparing myself for the day while listening to your station!

Posted by Sara Willhite on

Thank you so much for your ministry. My husband and I listen to WAYFM and my twin 5 year old boys love listening to the "God music".

reason for entering the anniversary contest
Posted by Kathleen Sherwood on

I would love to share with you exactly why I would love to surprise my husband with an anniversary date. We have been married 39 years and he has always treated me like a princess. He is a hard working, God loving, faithful man and three years ago was told he has Parkinsons. We are looking at brain surgery in the near future and I have never heard him question God about having the disease. A co-worker asked why God would allow him to have something like this and Mike replied, "Why not? God suffered a whole lot for me than this." On our anniversary this year, he took the day off work and we were going to go out. I developed a kidney problem and actually had to have surgery the day of our anniversary. He slept in a small chair all night by my hospital bed even though I wanted him to go home and sleep in bed. We have yet to have our 'date night' due to our busy schedules. Thanks for listening. Kathleen Sherwood

Posted by Name on

Our 23rd wedding anniversary! We met at church.

Posted by Gloria Hamilton on

Thank you and God bless you all. Love your station!!! Love and peace!!!' :)

Posted by Name on

Happy Anniversary

Thankful for this station
Posted by Laketa Barker on

Thank God for Way tm you guys are such an amazing blessing to all who hear the station,thanks so much for showing Jesus to many

Posted by John Hare on

Hey WAY-FM. I pray many blessing upon your ministry from our Heavenly Father. Your personal testimonies (DJ's) go along way. I sometimes wonder if I am effective evangelizing. This is not of my own will as I am empowered to do so and I love Jesus. So, I must walk bt faith and not sight or by my own strength. Yes, your ministry is effective. There is much to do and I shall not tire doing God's will for this is my calling, my service to my King Jesus. Singing praise all day long :) -brother John Hey mention Cave Spring Baptist Church in Priceville, AL..cause I love ya!

Posted by Candi Mayfield on

I have been listening for a few months now. I laugh out loud at your dee jays! They have also brought tears to my eyes and really made me stop and think. Keep up the good work!

Anniversary /Thank You!!!
Posted by Sheila McAlpin on

My husband and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday. Your radio station is a huge blessing in our lives. Each morning we listen in as we start our day. This helps us start our day on a positive note. We are so blessed and want to walk with the Lord daily. Your radio station provides information, humor,encouragemnt, and great music! Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Thank you
Posted by Karen Kiger on

My family starts our day with you!

Posted by Cheyrl Heeth on

During the Christmas season it is hard to find this contest. But I did. When my husband and I got married it was at a tender time for us. My Mother was dying of Cancer and in a hospital 12 hours away. My husband drove me every weekend to see her and give my father a break from her care. On one of our trips to Augusta my husband offered to marry me in the hospital so my Mother could be there but she would not here of it. She said " You need to be married in a Church" and we waited for the day he picked out. Mom was not there but it was a beautiful day.... 30 Wonderful years later I still can not believe that God brought me such a Loving man. You see the day was important! He chose 12/17/1983.... The 80th anniversary of the first flight at Kitty Hawk.... Like the plane we have our ups and downs but we keep flying!

Anniversary Celebration
Posted by Jane on

We have had some challenges this year, and would so much appreciate having our 44th wedding anniversary celebration this year. We hope that we will have the privilege of being the winners of the tickets this year. Your radio station is a great blessing. Thank you.

Posted by Elizabeth on

I love listening to Way fm. Always puts me in a better mood :) thank y'all for making my day better !!

Wedding Anniversary
Posted by Sandra Lemley on

My husband and I love listening to your station. WAY-FM is a real blessing to us. We would love to win the date nite. We were married 32 years ago on Valentines Day.! We praise GOD for saving us 7 years into our marriage. Since then we have built our livesl on HIM. Our love grows more each day. All the glory goes to HIM who loved us first! This would be a great way to celebrate !

late anniversary
Posted by Leigh Anne on

My husband and I were planning on a four-day trip to Charlseton, SC, for our 15th anniversary. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a month ago, and we had to cancel our trip to stay close-by to help with her acute care. We would love this chance to have a night out! Love you guys and this station!!!

Posted by Name on


Posted by Rachel on

I hope we win!

Posted by Gunnar on


Posted by Gunnar on

We listen all day everyday! Our 5 year anniversary is in May and this would be a HUGE blessing!

Posted by Mary Kelly on

We love to listen and sing along - and I love the encouragement I get from the songs and the station. My kids sing along too - I makes my heart happy to hear them singing (loudly). :)

Posted by Name on


Posted by lisa on

I love wayfm!

Posted by Name on


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