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Posted by Andreea on

1way fm is the best radio :X i love it !

Posted by Beth on


Posted by richard C on

Can you please send me the two hundred e mails that people responded with about being abandoned by your spouse. Ive been in darkness for 2 years now over this and I cant seem to find a way out. Thanks

Posted by lb on


Can't listen to way-fm online
Posted by Delores on

I've been trying to listen online but it only plays for a few minutes and then it stops and doesn't play again. I didn't have this problem much before it changed. I don't know if it's my computer or what.

Posted by alyson on

I am proud of way fm I broke my toe and it was so conforting to hear gods music

A Song...
Posted by J. Sharp on

On the way to class yesterday evening, I herd a song that really touched my heart... every marriage has downfalls, me and my husband hav been married 10 yrs since we we're teenagers... he recently took on the call to preach and I've been praying for God to touch our marriage... You know how sometimes you would like to tell your spouse exacally how you feel and what's wrong, but don't know the words... Well, this song was like I had wrote it myself, I cried the whole way to school... I want to find it so I can either let him hear it or so I can copy the words and share this story with him... It would of been playing between 4:15-4:45 on Tues 3-8-2011, it's sung by a male artist, maybe a band? it's talkin about how his family looks perfect from the outside and how his wife smiles in pictures, but how she secretly prays of their marriage... if she's still his true love... ect? Can u please help me find this song... Sincerly ♥♥♥♥♥J.Sharp

on air?
Posted by Maura on

Are you guys on the air now? I tried listening on my car radio and it wassome NPR radio station out of Miss that was on 88.1.

On air?
Posted by Maura on

Are you guys on the air now? I just tried listening to my car radio and it was some NPR station out of Miss on 88.1.

where are you guys
Posted by alyson on

hey WHERE ARE YOU GUYS i am in fifth grade and i am studying for our past test and i cant consatrate without you guys

no sound
Posted by Frank on

is the radio station off the air? temporarily I hope?

Thanks so much
Posted by Tiffany Motter on

I love you station. I recently lost my twins when i was 5 months pregnant. I never questioned God why he carried them home becuase i knew that he had greater plans for me and my babies. God is good all day everday and even on your worst day and even through the worst times in our lives that there is always a blessing. Sometimes we just have to look past the fog. Thanks so much, your station and music help me so much. At my worst moments in my day i can listen and hear the perfect song.

Posted by Jaime Richardson on

I was listening this morning to your discussion on weakness and how God uses them to minister to us and to others. However, I honestly feel that God uses a lot of things to minister to others. What I don't get is why people to me seem to justify continuing to sin over and over and never are convicted of some sin that continues to cause them to stumble. Also, that seems to be a crutch for some and then they have reason to justify what they are doing which I do not find Biblical.. It is important in my opinion to also see how God is a God of strength and if we give Him credit for the areas where we succeed, then we also are used to minister to others. I can give two very good modern day examples....Billy Graham and Mother Theresa.... Maybe it takes both to complete His will as long as He is given the credit. It is the sin that seems to separate us from Him, not the fact of whether we are weak or strong. We can glorify God in our weakness and when He heals us to make us strong again. I don't think we should generally say that He only uses weak people, because that is simply not true. I have learned a great deal from those I find to be strong and grounded in their faith. I think it just depends on where you are in your walk with God. Maybe it would be better said that God uses those who are open to hear His word and abide by it and not question His ultimate authority over their lives. I can honestly say for me that I did not experience closeness to God until I gave up some of the areas where I was sinning. Only then did He reveal His plan for my life. But that is just my experience and I know people do not always experience God in the same way. Good discussion! God bless.

Posted by Homeless on

Hi Guys!! :) I have a topic discussion suggestion: (Due to spiritual/financial/emotional concerns with parents..) Is it wrong for a Woman to live with a Man, without "relations", who are planning to marry... but they do not have to funds to do so right away??

The Best!
Posted by Frankie on

Hey yall, WAYFM is the best! Being a christian in a teenage world, it is so encouraging to be able to flip to a station that is all about Praing God and helping others!

Posted by tina teague on

You guys have a very uplifting radio station, there are days i just don't know how much i can take and you all play a song that lifts me up like francesca battistelli's this is the stuff...i love listening to you all and i have 6 children that sing along to your songs and that makes me s proud

Posted by abby on

i'm going into the eighth grade. i'm always being picked on, but when my mom picks me up in car bell i always ask her to turn on 88.1. and every time i turn it on i always here just the right song. u guys helped me get through every day of junior high life. and my mom has seen how much iv grown in my faith. so next year she is homeschooling me so i can keep growing. praise god!!!!!

i love yall
Posted by ali on

i love to listen to wally. you make me laugh, cars right next to me look at me like i something wrong.

Posted by John Chrisp on

Way FM always inspires me and I am so glad you put Wally and Betty on board the are my best friends on thrradio that uplifts my soul everyday! can you play some Kutless! John Chrisp Madison Alabama

Hi, i like Total Axxess... I am brazilian..
Posted by Noádya Rebeca dos Santos Perei on

Hello, would like to hear comatosse skillet, thank you, God bless.

love the music
Posted by lara on

love the music in i love wayfm:)

radio st ation
Posted by desi on

i am headed to denver in a week and wonder if you can tell me of any down to earth, christian stations that would be similar to yours, just about 3 if you know of any or where i can go to find some without having to search forever; i would greatly appreciate it! thanks for the great job and the great music! i am blessed!

Posted by Tim on

New Christian men's group meeting on 2nd Saturday of each month. Sponsored by Incarnation Lutheran Church of Harvest Alabama. We alternate the men's group meeting between Harvest and Madison every other month. Information about Incarnation Lutheran Church: We meet at Ford's Chapel United Methodist church as our shared community continues to pick up the pieces from the devastating tornados of 4/27/2011.

Men's Breakfast
Posted by Tim on

Next meeting actually 8/20 at Messiah Lutheran 7am; normally meeting 2nd Saturday each month. Sponsored by Incarnation Lutheran Church of Harvest Alabama. We alternate the men's group meeting between Harvest and Madison every other month. Information about Incarnation Lutheran Church: We meet at Ford's Chapel United Methodist church as our shared community continues to pick up the pieces from the devastating tornados of 4/27/2011.

Posted by sierra on

i love love LOVE way fm! it keeps me running and "freshens me up" keep fighting the good fight:) you guys are amazing!

Posted by Elizabeth on

Hi! I listen your station from Cabo, I´m mexican and as well as you, love God and praise Him for all His mercy!! Thank God for all His love and his precious blood given for our salvation!! Thank you guys for sharing more hope and good music for people arround the world. Bless you and keep doing a great job. Sincerely, Elizabeth.

Great Song
Posted by Cindy on

I love Owl Cities new song, Galaxies. I think WAY-FM should play it more often!

Posted by Wesley on

The City harmonics song Manifesto is one of my favorit songs. Nobody i know likes it for some strange reason. U need to play it more often and listen closely to the lyrics. they speak so loudly to me that i could listen to it over and over just praying and thanking God for saving me and thanking him for my life. I just wish people could understand this song as I do. thanks for being the best radiostation i know!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kierstyn on

This is the best radio station ever it has helped me through many problems in my life thank you

New release
Posted by Angela on

I would love it if you would play a new release by the band AfterEdmund called,"Monster". This is a really great group of guys and very talented. You will be hearing a lot about them soon, I am sure. Thanks!

Posted by Tina on

I love you're station! I found my favorite song LIke I mean it by Stars Go Dim on there! Ya'll rock! I'm only a teen too!

Posted by Cindy Vinson on

I haven't been able to connect to streaming for a week or so from my work computer. Has anything changed with the Huntsville, AL station? Anything I can try?

I Love This Station!!!
Posted by Adam Billups on

Continue touching lives and giving the reminder that we are never alone!

starting way fm in nigeria
Posted by mayowa folorunsho on

there are alot of dedicated youths in nigeria that would like a dedicated radio station like yours

Posted by Name on

I am from Missouri, wher the Spirit FM 91.7 station was my home station. They always played a song up there by Sara Groves called Toy Packaging. It's on her O Holy Night Album. I love the song, it always makes me laugh and I can't help but singing it every Christmas morning while trying to keep my cool w/ the kids gifts. Is there anyway you ever could play this song.

Christmas Music Request
Posted by Thomas Shedd on

Could you play Jingle Bell Rock by: Thousand Foot Krutch

Posted by royfortenberry on

thank you for the music you paly on the radio.

Live Streams
Posted by Justin on

None of your Live Streams are working for me. Way-FM Media Player or in iTunes.

Posted by Cindy Vinson on

I have not been able to listen to streaming live for a couple of months. I've always been able to listen on my computer but for the last several weeks it won't ever connect. I get to the black screen where it shows that it's streaming and it just sits there. Any ideas or suggestions on things to try? Thanks!

Posted by shelia johnson on

i would love to tell ya that i listen to way 88.1 every morning and every evening when im coming home from work well i listen to it every time i get in my car or any where well i got saved and baptized in 1997 and i felt soo good about myself then after a years of ole satin just kept nagging at me i went his way but this one day i was heading to work and i decide to push the scan button on the radio and it stop at 88.1 and the song we bow down was on i leterially had to pull over cause god was on me bad and i was crying and shacking and i repented that day before going into work so i would just love to tell ya thank you so much

who much i love this radio station
Posted by allysa broglie on

when i first heard this radio station my life was sort upside down. I thought things would never be right. then one day i was looking for a certen radio station when it stoped on this radio station and on a song all really about me i dont rember the name but i know that it was a song about how my life was upside down omg it is plalling right know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Chloe Melton on

Can you guyes play "Children of god" by third day. Can you play "Fanatick" by lecrae. Thank you. I love the show.

drive-thru difference
Posted by chanda on

thank you for the inspiration to help brighten someone's day. I have performed this anonymous act of kindness several times and i am overwhelmed with unspeakable joy each time. So much so that i challenged my church family to participate. Thanks again!

The power of the internet
Posted by Ken Whittaker on

I moved away back to Missouri in 2009. I used to listen to your station, the songs would help me keep things in check with my walk with God. I prepare Taxes for a family business and I can't recive the local christian station in my office... I remember that you had streaming so I have it playing thu the speakers in the office. People ask questions when the comericals come on. Thanks for everything Ken Whittaker Whittaker's Tax & Accounting Service Marshfield, MO. 65706

i love your music
Posted by darall on

i love your music

Matt and Melissa Titanic
Posted by Judy Kurzweil on

Hi guys, I just wanted to address your recommendation to the kid that called and said that he had never seen Titanic. I was disappionted that you told him that he should see it on the basis that it is of hisorical value. Melissa did mention the "car scene" but you still recommended the movie. This really bothered me not only because of the "car scene" but also the story point of Leo's character painting Kate's nude picture. These are things that I don't want my children to be exposed to. Kids just grow up too fast and we are in a war for our kid's souls. I really like your show and listen daily. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Judyk

Posted by Jake Roberts on

hey guys i was going say hey and i love 1way fm amen :)

Posted by Jake Roberts on

i going to say hey and yall rock

i love this station
Posted by Sarah on

i listen to this everyday and i love it, it helps me surround my life in God when i cant find any time for bible reading. whenever i am sad i listen to wally and his jokes and voice makes me smile so big. i end up laughing my head off even when people have been mean, making fun of me, or my day just didn't work out. thank you so much and you are helping me along my walk with the Lord. i pray for this station every day and hope that all of your workers are safe and healthy. Thank you soooo much.

I want it ... my WAAY
Posted by Eric on

I miss WAY-FM. I have not been able to stream it at work. What has changed?

to see playlist
Posted by lisa on

how do u see the playlist anymore?? geee i loved that !!!!

Play List
Posted by WAY-FM on

Sorry about that! We've experience some technical difficulties on it - hopefully it will be sorted soon! Thanks of listening!

Love Way-Fm Huntsville!
Posted by Megan on

Hi! My family loves WAY-FM! I also love your new App! Can you play more Kari Jobe? Her song, "You are for me" is beautiful! Thank you!

Posted by Stacey Smith on

i just recently heard Rascal Flatts song Changed and i think it would be a good song for the Radio Station to play.

Posted by judith on

love the radio station !!! keep up the work of God

Song announcements
Posted by Mark Pepper on

I love that your channel announces the song name and artist after every song! That must be a lot of work for every new song, but it is so innovative and I love it! It makes it so much easier for me to purchase the song if I like it. Which DJ does the announcements? She has a very pleasant voice.

We Believe
Posted by Amanda Willingham on

Just heard this song and thought it was very impowering! Keep playing it! Your music is a ministy in itself. So many days I feel the need to be closer to God. The music helps me feel as though I am holding His hand. Thnak you!

On The WAY