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Find Out About God

All of us want a connection – a way to feel like we fit at home in our skin, our careers, our communities. It’s that thing we all want but can be really hard to find.

I am Second shares stories of people who found that being first didn’t work. Stories of Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Soccer moms. Grocery clerks. Your next-door neighbor. People like you.

See why Wally is second.


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Posted by Brantly Cheatham on

That paragraph really didnt do anything for me, but i would like to know more about God. Im almost 16 and ive really been wanting for me and God to connect, but i dont know how. I would love to feel God in my life.

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Posted by woodrow tunison on

GREETINGS & BLESSINGS 2 WAY FM STAFF PARTNERS and LISTENERS my radio is always tuned in to 88.1 and this is my first time visiting the website and found page talking about find out about GOD where there was a youth bout the age of 16 LONGING for a touch from GOD and to KNOW HIM MORE and it touched my heart where when I was about that age I was hellbound and determined to make it on my own seeking everything but GOD I was involved in alchol, drugs, girls, and sex. However through all this and much PRAYER JESUS reached to me through all my mud and muck and hellish ways TENDERLY showing me that HE WAS THERE FIGHTING for me even though HE was the least of my thoughts at that point in my life. When I was choosing this lifestyle my younger yet older brother (spiritually that is) who I grew up very close with who was VERY CLOSE TO GOD from a young age was always asking me before I went to bed for the night bubba he would say did you say your PRAYERS & DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING WHEN YOU DIE? My response was a lying yes just to satisfy him because at that time I had absolutely no relationship with GOD and had never really sincerely PRAYED or understood the POWER OF PRAYER ( Dutch Sheets) it wasn't until later in life after my fathers death with lukemia in 2002 that I went to a SPIRITUAL WAREFARE camp in michigan with my brother and our mutual teacher Henry Phillips who he called OPAL in 2004 where I learned about the POWER OF PRAYER I found myself oneday in the chapel on my knees CRYING OUT TO JESUS where I was found with my knees so numb that I could not stand on my own I was helped up and then threw up and was taken to another room where I remember being sat down and someone off to the side reading off scripture from the BIBLE and another breaking off my generational curses or drawing the line if you will setting me apart for the LORD to come into my life with a power that I had never known. This is the day that I refer to as having PRAYED or makeup prayer for all the years that I had not before and have been trying to PRAY ever since because it stirred a fire within. Also at this camp I was introduced to the HOLY SPIRIT GIFTING of TONGUES where I was PRAYED for or instructed by one named marcus whom I had never met or seen before who spoke to me in tongues but I heard in english warning me to stay away from one whom I had let in my life where I was commiting a sin so dark that I would not ever want anyone to know about but GOD KNOWS ALL and that is how I think HE deals with HIDDEN and FORBIDDEN sin in public amongst the cloud of many witnesses without any humiliation what so ever. Since then I have been yet still a prodigal son but I haven't forgotten this my first REAL EXPERIENCE of THE POWER OF GOD AND HOW NO MATTER WHERE YOU MAY BE IN LIFE GOD IS THERE AND HE CARES

Posted by Gary Wilbourn on

My name is Gary Wilbourn...i recently discovered this station and everyday sense then i have listened to it!I love the songs they make me feel soo alive and everytime i listen to a song that i dont know i find myself somehow singing along!I really want to learn more about my savior.Im 16 and these songs and the words of the shows just seem as if there talking to me. I LOVE WAY-FM!

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